Two Locals Brewing is Philadelphia's first black owned brewery

Two Locals Brewing is Philadelphia's first black-owned brewery. The owners are also brothers named Richard and Mengistu Koilor.

Video Transcript

- He was quite literally "on tap" in Northern Liberties today. These are among some of the first beers poured at Philadelphia's first ever Black-owned brewery. Now the owners of two locals hope that their accomplishments can inspire others.

Acton News community journalist Ashley Johnson has their story tonight.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: It's cheers to history. Two Locals Brewing is Philadelphia's first Black-owned brewery.

MENGISTU KOILOR: It means breaking down barriers. Representation matters, so it's huge for us to sort of lay down our roots and our footprint.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Situated inside Craft Hall along Delaware Avenue, Richard and Mengistu Koilor are the two locals and brothers. They've been home brewers for more than four years.

RICHARD KOILOR: I got a home brew kit, it was one gallon. And after that, I was just hooked.

This is where we get all the sugars out of the malt.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The brothers got a lot of attention this past year collaborating with other breweries to make the Black is Beautiful Beer. For them brewing is not just passion, it's about paving the way for others.

MENGISTU KOILOR: It's art and science, so I think we're just putting our African American spin on the craft beer industry. We're West African, West Indian, West Philly raised.

This is where all the magic happens.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Now, for the first time, the brothers can put their brews on the market. Beer lovers can come into Craft Hall or order packs online. On the shelf, a prolific Hazy IPA and Nubian Brown Ale.

RICHARD KOILOR: Nubian just because that was one of our first babies, per say, and you don't find a lot of brown ales, also.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The ultimate goal for the Koilor brothers is to save enough money from selling their beer so they can open their own space. They're able to use this hall thanks to a partnership with FCM Hospitality and Mainstay Industrial Brewing.

Brewers on a mission.

MENGISTU KOILOR: I have children. --my children to see, his future children one day, and all the youth in the city to see something positive.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: You can't help but cheers to that.

In Northern Liberties, Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.