2 new megasites target low-income New York City neighborhoods

The state is opening two more COVID vaccination sites in New York City, and beginning Wednesday, the sites at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and York College in Queens will be able to vaccinate up to 3,000 people a day.

Video Transcript

KEN ROSATO: [? And ?] across New York, vaccination sites are fully able to fulfill appointments once again after doses had been delayed. Now the state is working hard to get more people vaccinated. And that includes opening additional vaccine sites and figuring out who has already been vaccinated. Eyewitness News reporter, Derick Waller, live at the Javits Center with the details. Good morning, Derick.

DERICK WALLER: Ken, good morning. And for the most part, the vaccine distribution is really left up to the states to decide how they want to control that themselves. And in New York, focus is now turning to some lower income neighborhoods with high COVID rates. And that is why Governor Cuomo toured the new mass vaccination site at Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights, which opens tomorrow. Nationwide and in New York, African-Americans have been getting vaccinated at lower rates than white people.

The state is also opening a vaccine center tomorrow at York College in Jamaica, both by appointment only, for people living in those neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Cuomo said it's time to find out just how many teachers have been vaccinated, so they can ramp up school re-openings and get more kids back in person learning. Mayor de Blasio says he is on board with that as well.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO: We got a lot to do to bring back this school year as fully as possible. And then I want everyone-- I want every child to be ready to come back in September in person. That's the aggressive approach I want us to take in New York City.

DERICK WALLER: And take a look at this. Connecticut is continuing its age based approach to vaccinations, opening it up to anyone over the age of 55 starting next week. As you can see by May 3rd, any Connecticut residence over 16 will be eligible to get the vaccine. Also starting next week, March 1st, teachers, people working in schools, child care providers-- they can also get the vaccine in Connecticut. Many of them are people of color. And that is one way the state is trying to bridge the racial divide.