Two members of Congress test positive for coronavirus


"I have a temperature of 103."

Representatives Ben McAdams and Mario-Diaz Balart are the first members of Congress who have tested positive for the coronavirus…

After developing (quote) "mild cold-like" symptoms on Saturday evening, McAdams, a Democrat from Utah, isolated himself at home on Sunday in West Jordan, Utah after returning from Washington.

His symptoms got worse so the 45-year-old Democrat took a test on Tuesday and found out the next day that he had tested positive for the coronavirus..


"It feels like I have a belt around my lungs so I can't take too deep of breaths, it's a little bit labored breathing and just really aching/it's probably the worse cold I've ever had (coughing) and I'm healthy"

Diaz-Balart, a Republican from Florida, said in a statement that he had been self-quarantining in Washington since voting on the House floor on Friday.

The 58-year-old congressman said he developed a fever and headache on Saturday evening and was later notified that he tested positive.

He said he has not returned home to South Florida because his wife's pre-existing conditions put her at exceptionally high risk.

Over the past few weeks, several other members of the Senate and House have self-quarantined after possibly coming in contact with someone with the coronavirus.

The House is currently in recess and due to return next week.