Two men charged with shooting from vehicle in Raymond

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Sep. 19—Two men are charged with criminal threatening and shooting from a motor vehicle after an argument with a Raymond homeowner led to shots being fired from a car, authorities said Sunday.

Austin Yates, 24, of Windham and Dylan Sanphy, 21, of Raymond had an argument over the phone with residents of Raymond Hill Road on Saturday, and drove to the area afterwards, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said in a news release Sunday.

The Raymond Hill Road residents called the police around 10 p.m. to say that a vehicle driven by Yates and Sanphy had passed by multiple times and, the last time, multiple gun shots were fired from the car.

The Windham Police Department stopped the car in that town later that night. Sanphy was inside; police also found a gun in the vehicle that they say the men used in the incident. Yates turned himself in later.

Police did not offer details of what led to the shooting, and they didn't identify the people who had the argument with Yates and Sanphy.

The pair are charged with criminal threatening, aggravated reckless conduct, shooting from a motor vehicle and discharging a firearm near a dwelling.

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