‘Traumatizing’: 2 hospitalized after dog attack in University City

Two people were hospitalized after being “bitten pretty badly” by dogs in University City Monday morning, CMPD says.

The owner of the dogs was walking the animals on a leash near Mallard Glen Drive around 9 a.m. Monday, when the dogs escaped from her and ran out of sight, according to CMPD.

The loose dogs first attacked one female. The first victim’s family member showed up to intervene and was also attacked.

A witness told Channel 9′s Dan Matics he ran to a nearby daycare to ask for help, and that the aftermath was “traumatizing.”

“That’s crazy. I see a lot of dogs out here with no muzzles on!” said Michael Landrum, who lives in the area. “No leashes on, so yeah, that’s disturbing.”

The dogs were Cane Corso mixes. They were surrendered to Animal Care and Control, where they were euthanized and tested for rabies.

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The dogs did not have updated rabies vaccinations.

Channel 9 has asked whether charges will be filed against the dog owner.

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