Two Protesters Hit by Car at Anti-Racism Protest in Bloomington, Indiana

Two protesters were hit by a car while demonstrating in Bloomington, Indiana, on July 6.

Protesters had gathered in Bloomington to call for arrests over an alleged lynching attempt at nearby Lake Monroe over the weekend, according to reports. Video verified by Storyful shows the incident.

Jaren Vaught was redirecting traffic for the safety of the protesters when a red car quickly approached a barricade of Vaught’s scooter and other people standing on the road. Vaught told Storyful people were pleading with the driver of the vehicle to go another way.

“People were just telling her there was a protest going on … they were trying to plead with her not to go,” Vaught told Storyful

In the video a man gets out of the passenger side of the car and throws Vaught’s scooter to the side before the car accelerates in the direction of the protest. A woman is then rammed and ends up on the front of the hood, while another man is also seen hanging on the side of the car.

“I thought it was a very peaceful protest up to that point and the barricade was necessary because you’ve seen this happen at other protests,” Vaught told Storyful.

Emergency services were witnessed at the scene after the incident.

On July 4, one protester was killed at an anti-racism demonstration in Seattle when a car ploughed into a crowd. Credit: Jaren Vaught via Storyful