Two Russian soldiers sentenced for "failing to repel attacks by Ukrainian Armed Forces"


Two Russian servicemen, Colonel Anatoliy Bondarev and Major Dmytriy Dmytrakov, have been sentenced to four years in prison by the 2nd Western Military District Court in Moscow, Russian propaganda outlet Kommersant reported on Dec. 6.

The charges stem from violations of Article 340 of the Russian Criminal Code, specifically regarding the failure to repel a sudden attack on Russian territory adequately.

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The incident in question pertains to a missile attack on Russian occupying forces in the Belgorod region during the spring of 2022, as highlighted by the Telegram channel ASTRA.

The court's decision outlined that seven military personnel lost their lives during the attack, while 43 individuals sustained injuries. Additionally, the assault destroyed 15 units of military equipment, with an additional 30 units suffering damage.

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This conviction represents the first time Russian soldiers have been held legally accountable for their actions on the battlefield.

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