Two sheriff deputies shot in Utah

Both deputies were shot in the face while on patrol outside the jail complex, Rivera said.

The suspected gunman, whose identity was not immediately known, was killed during the gunfire exchange.

Both deputies were taken to the hospital. One was to be released with a bullet graze to his face, and according to Rivera, the other remains in critical yet stable condition with a gunshot wound to the eye.

The motive behind the shooting was not yet clear.

Video Transcript

ROSIE RIVERA: I just left the hospital with our two deputies. One deputy is going to be released soon in stable condition. He was shot in the face.

And our other deputy is going to remain in the hospital in critical condition, but stable. He was shot in the eye. Right now, we just ask for our community to pray for our deputies and all of our Sheriff's Office family. This is a tough time.

We do know that our deputies were doing proactive patrol this morning. They encountered an individual, just on the grassy island north of the parking lot of the Sheriff's Office building. We were not quite sure what happened with the encounter, but we do know that shots were fired. And the individual that was involved is deceased. He's approximately 30 years old.

We don't know what he was doing here on our grounds. We are speculating that he might be transient. And the deputies were just going up to him to, you know, check on him. And then something occurred.