Two virus survivors get double lung transplants

A young paralegal and a car mechanic received lifesaving double lung transplants at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago after COVID-19 destroyed their lungs. (July 30)

Video Transcript

ANKIT BAHRAT: Lung transplant isn't for every patient with COVID1-9, but it does offer some of the critically ill patients another option for survival. Mayra and Brian are living proof of that.

For six weeks, Mayra fought for her life in the COVID ICU. The virus completely destroyed her lungs.

MAYRA RAMIREZ: And they made the trek just with the intentions of saying goodbye. Luckily, once they arrived, my mother and my two sisters, the medical team was able to stabilize me and they were explained the option of lung transplantation, and my mother agreed to it.

BRIAN KUHNS: This disease is not a joke.

- It's not a hoax.

BRIAN KUHNS: This is true. I was perfectly healthy. This thing took me down, hard. I thought I was dead, I was done. There's no more. But they gave me hope, told me a transplant. Here I am.