Two volunteers from Norway injured in Bakhmut

Sander Sørsveen Trelvik and Simon Johnsen
Sander Sørsveen Trelvik and Simon Johnsen

On the evening of Feb. 2, Johnsen and Trelvik were on their way to evacuate people injured by the invaders shelling in the front-line town, VGwrote. After they arrived on-site, the Russians launched another strike on their location.

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"They shelled the same place twice,” Johnsen said.

“Because they saw survivors, they relaunched their attack.”

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Johnsen noted that a number of people nearby their position were killed by the strikes. Trelvik' mother said her son has shrapnel wounds and burns on 30-40% of his body, VG added.

According to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, the country is now working to evacuate the two injured volunteers back home via Poland.

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