TX Sheriff: FBI Takes Over Alleged Wal-Mart Terror Plot Case

Authorities in Texas seized guns, ammunition and flags from fascist groups from Russia and Spain at the home of a suspect in a terror plot.

Video Transcript

MARK GREENBLATT: A Texas Sheriff tells Newsy the FBI and US attorney have taken over the case against a man accused of a plot to carry out a mass shooting at a Walmart.


- He was going to die for the cause and kill some people at Walmart. As you know, nowadays we just couldn't sit on that we had to act.


MARK GREENBLATT: The Kerr County Texas Sheriff says his undercover agent caught 28-year-old Coleman Blevins talking about plans to carry out the assault, and local investigators seized firearms, ammunition, and a wide variety of hate group paraphernalia from Blevins home, including flags with a swastika, and also those from international entities in Russia, and this one from La Falange, a Spanish fascist group. The Sheriff says Blevins later claimed to have just been researching radical groups.

ALEXANDER ROSS: This represents the transnational nature of fascism. It represents the networks that are bound together through the assumptions of collective violence and martyrdom.

MARK GREENBLATT: Federal intelligence officials warned this spring that racially-motivated extremists are most likely to conduct mass casualty attacks against civilians. At Blevins home, investigators also seized a T-shirt with a logo from the Injekt Division, a fascist group, which launched a Telegram channel in February where members post videos glorifying murder and other violence. Multiple subscribers to the Telegram channel claim the group's president, who goes by the alias Korb Taran, is in fact Blevins, and in the days since his arrest have posted calls to "Free Korb." Newsy has not independently confirmed that is Blevins and his appointed public defender would not comment. But a man going by that name appears in this Facebook Live stream.


- From Injekt Division, we have Korb who is the president and clerical fascist--


MARK GREENBLATT: He's wearing an Injekt Division T-shirt while calling for action against perceived enemies.


- Do I feel the need to genocide all Brown people that are here today?


MARK GREENBLATT: Newsy brought the stream to Facebook's attention. It was still online a week after Blevins arrest. Within hours Facebook said "We've removed this video for violating our policies against hate speech." The FBI did not respond to requests for comment, but the Kerr County Sheriff says for now Blevins remains in their custody, but he expects federal charges against Blevins soon. Mark Greenblatt, Newsy outside Washington DC.