Tye Hayes, The Acclaimed Change Agent Known for Providing Tailored Tech Solutions

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Regardless of the nature of the industry, diversity has always been an issue. Given the status afforded to and the privileges men are born with, they are almost always the face of any sector, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of opening the field to other demographics. However, the recent decades have seen significant strides in both diversity and representation, with women and minorities dominating arenas that once used to be the playing field only of middle-aged men. Tye Hayes is among the female powerhouses who are currently proving that people from all walks of life can have a shot at securing a coveted spot at the summit of any sector. Known for her distinctive approach to solving tech issues, she serves as an icon for fellow go-getters.

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A Navy veteran, Tye Hayes was the Chief Technology Officer for the Department of Atlanta Information Management. Her appointment to the role in 2018 was a recognition of her in-depth understanding of the information technology industry and her vast array of experience, including her executive positions in the private sector as well as a stint as deputy CIO for Atlanta’s public schools. This acclaimed figure, who has previously served as an information security officer for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, brought to the table 20 years of professional experience as a technologist, solutions architect, and business strategist.

Tye Hayes has demonstrated a knack for solving a variety of tech problems throughout her career, offering solutions crafted with thought and designed with ingenuity. Never the type to believe in cookie-cutter interventions, she pays utmost attention to detail and formulates strategies geared toward addressing the issues at hand. When provided with the opportunity to contribute to making a difference in communities, this well-respected personality always goes the extra mile. “In one of the conversations I had with a chief of police about building a real-time crime center, I looked at not only the technology solutions that they were interested in bringing on board but also at the fact that they have staffing concerns, officer attrition, and more,” shared the power player.

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Currently, Tye Hayes is bridging the gaps in organizations and institutions through her consulting firm, N-Ovate Solutions. The full-service strategic and IT solutions company specializes in catering to the education, government, and private sector, delivering analysis, planning, direction, and support to those under its wings. Under her leadership, this fast-growing venture not only provides effective interventions but also coaches clients throughout the process, equipping them with the knowledge and resources they need to stand on their own in the long run.

Two decades after dipping her toes in the field, Tye Hayes has managed to reach great heights and is bound to snag more accomplishments under her belt in the future. Highly driven, she aims to expand N-Ovate Solutions as well as push other self-starters into becoming capable leaders. Additionally, this strategic change agent hopes to see more women in leadership thrive amid the challenges that are inherent in the tech industry.

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