Tyler City Council approves advanced traffic management system at cost of $1.8 million

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Oct. 13—The Tyler City Council on Wednesday approved the purchase of an advanced traffic management system and associated equipment at a cost of $1,887,220.

The purchase of new equipment from Paradigm Traffic totals $1,847,220, while the remaining $44,000 will go toward contingency funds, according to the city.

The system includes software, traffic signal communications, traffic signal controllers and vehicle detection. The system is made up of a server-based system that will be controlled by city staff and a cloud-based software that can be controlled by city staff with access from any internet connection.

Provided through the software is database management of traffic signal timing, reporting and alert capabilities of the traffic signal system and signal performance measures, according to the city.

The city plans to purchase 131 cellular communication devices for traffic signal communication. Of those, 127 would be installed throughout the community and the remaining four kept for later if needed, according to the city.

All but 23 city intersections would be covered. Of those intersections, 14 will be included in highway safety improvement program projects, which is an agreement the city has with the Texas Department of Transportation. And upgrades to the other nine intersections in downtown are postponed due to future projects that could affect traffic flow in the area.

The new traffic management system allows for the future expansion into city of Tyler vehicles and the ability for emergency responders to control traffic signals in emergencies, according to the city.

The purchase and installation of 84 new traffic signal controllers will replace controllers that have reached their lifespan, will help standardize equipment and ensure intersections can communicate with the new management system software, according to the city.

This project is funded through the city's half-cent sales tax fund and budgeted in the current half-cent sales tax 10-year program.

The new traffic management system and related equipment are planned to be installed and operational by February.

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