The Type S Marks the End of Acura NSX Production

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Photo credit: Acura
Photo credit: Acura

Acura announced today it will be revealing a limited-production NSX Type S on August 12 during Monterey Car Week to mark the car's final year of production. Capped at just 350 units, it'll deliver more power, better handling, quicker acceleration times, and "a more emotional driving experience," according to the Japanese automaker.

A handful of teaser images of the NSX Type S (shown below) were released by Acura alongside the announcement, giving us our first official look at the car. From what we can tell, there doesn't seem to be many significant changes to the body save for a Type S badge on either side and a matte grey paint job. We can also spot a red-painted intake plenum and a specialized numbered plaque designating the car's production number.

Acura has yet to share what sorts of changes it made to the standard NSX to bring it into Type S territory, only confirming the car will still use a version of the V-6 hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain. If we had to guess, more horsepower, a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, stickier tires, and more aero are all on the table.

Following the TLX sedan and the three-row MDX SUV, the NSX will be the third modern Acura to receive a Type S trim. Out of the 350 being built, 300 are set to be allocated to the U.S. market, while the other 50 will be offered to the rest of the world. This will be the first time an NSX Type S will be sold anywhere outside of Japan.

Seeing as how the standard NSX won our Performance Car of the Year award back in 2017, we have high expectations for this final NSX. Something tells us it won't disappoint.

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