U.S. has agreed to lift all oil sanctions: Iran

The Iranian government is saying that Washington has agreed to lift all sanctions on Iran's oil and shipping industries, just days after talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal adjourned in Vienna.

The statement reportedly came from the chief of staff to President Hassan Rouhani, now in his last weeks in office, and is said to be a reversal of over a thousand sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. Iran's state-run media say it also includes the lifting of sanctions on some high ranking officials.

The White House, Western, and Iranian officials have recently said that the talks were far from over.

However, some Iranian officials have suggested they would prefer to nail down negotiations before its new incoming president, hardliner Ebrahim Raisi, takes office -- in order to give him a clean slate.

In related news: U.S. authorities say they've taken down 36 websites linked to Iran for violating sanctions, many associated with disinformation campaigns or violent groups, including the English language media outlet PressTV.

The websites were replaced with FBI logos and statements from the Department of Justice.

A PressTV anchor here as it happened on Tuesday. PressTV is owned by the Iranian government. It and several others were back up within hours, however, at new web addresses.

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