U.S. airstrike hits Taliban, days after deal

The United States has conducted its first air strike on Taliban fighters since the two sides signed the troop withdrawal agreement just days ago.

There have been a number of reports of attacks by the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan since the signing.

Wednesday's strike is said to be a defensive measure to protect Afghan security forces already under attack.

Just a day earlier, U.S. President Donald Trump appeared optimistic.


"I did. I spoke to the leader of the Taliban today. We had a good conversation. We've agreed there's no violence. We don't want violence. We'll see what happens. They're dealing with Afghanistan. We'll see what happens. Okay. We had actually a very good talk with the leader of the Taliban, yes."

The United States signed a deal with the Taliban on Saturday in Qatar, calling for a phased withdrawal of U.S.-led foreign forces in Afghanistan, in return for a reduction of violence hoped to eventually end the 18-year war.

But on Monday, the Taliban said they would continue attacks on the Afghan government and its troops.

There are reports that at least dozens were killed and injured across the country.

The Taliban has so far declined to confirm or deny responsibility of any attacks.