Trump: U.S. approaching period ‘that is going to be very horrendous’

President Trump on Saturday said that the United States is approaching a time that will be “very horrendous” for the nation amid the growing coronavirus outbreak across the country.

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: We are really coming up into a time that's going to be very horrendous. Probably a time like we haven't seen in this country, wouldn't you say? I mean, I don't think we've seen a time like this in the country. And we're getting to that point where it's going to really be some very bad numbers.

We want to keep those numbers a lot lower than they would have been. And we will do that. We have tremendous talent working. We have tremendous people. And that includes governors. That includes everybody. Everybody's working. But unfortunately, we're getting to that time when the numbers are going to peak. And it's not going to be a good-looking situation.

I really believe we probably have never seen anything like these kind of numbers, maybe during the war, during a World War, a World War One, or a Two, or something. But this is a war all unto itself. And it's a terrible thing. We will be seeing you soon. We'll keep you totally abreast. We're also going to be releasing new ventilator numbers. Because we have a lot of them coming and a lot of them going to different locations. And we appreciate it very much. Thank you. Thank you.