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    Graham is just another example of how quickly a politician can change a position on a subject when they think they can gain political points.
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    Putin opened the folder of kompromot on Lindsey Graham, and what did he find?
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    Vote this November
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    Graham wants to be AG
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    Graham voice the exact opposite 20 years ago during the Clinton administration
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    Just My Opinion
    I don't know what party I'm for but I did like Lindsey Graham until this cover up silence from most GOP members regarding Donald Trump.. party over country will totally ruin the GOP in the midterms..
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    Lindsay Graham doesn’t understand that the attorney general do not work for Trump but the American people and that the DOJ is not an extension of the White House and the Trump administration.
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    Graham needs to go
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    I used to really like Graham. He sold his integrity for his party. It’s sad to see. He is one of the last links I had to the Republicans.
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    Don’t rock the boat until after the elections.