U.S. Capitol Police Confirm One U.S Capitol Officer And A Suspect Are Dead After Deadly Attack

CBS4's Skyler Henry reports on a U.S. Capitol officer and a suspect who are dead after a deadly U.S. Capitol Attack

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: We have breaking news right off the top at 6 o'clock. A US Capitol Police officer is dead and another injured after someone attempted to breach a security perimeter. Good evening, I'm Eliot Rodriguez.

LAUREN PASTRANA: And I'm Lauren Pastrana. The suspect is also dead after the incident in which he rammed a car into the two Capitol officers.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, let's get right out to CBS4's Skyler Henry. He's live for us near the Capitol with the late breaking details. Skyler?

SKYLER HENRY: Hey, Eliott, Lauren. Good afternoon to you. Well, we are on the corner of Delaware and Constitution Avenues right outside of the Senate side of the Capitol, and actually not too far away from where this incident happened here. Now, a much more quieter scene than a few hours ago. The car that involved in this incident towed away maybe about half an hour ago. But as you all were mentioning, what happened here is that a suspect rammed his car into two officers and then lunged at the two with a knife.

National Guard troops raced toward the Capitol Friday afternoon, then lined up shoulder to shoulder in a show of force. Law enforcement officials say a car had tried to breach the perimeter of the Capitol, hitting two Capitol Hill Police officers and ramming into a barrier.

YOGANANDA PITTMAN: The suspect did exit the vehicle with a knife in hand and at that time he started to lunge toward-- run aggressively toward US Capitol Police officer.

SKYLER HENRY: Police say the suspect managed to stab an officer before police shot him. Emergency crews loaded two stretchers into ambulances. Capitol Police Officer William Billy Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force, died of his injuries. The suspect, 25-year-old Noah Green, also died.

ROBERT CONTEE: It does not appear that he is known to the Capitol Police or the Metropolitan Police Department at this time. It does not appear to be terrorism related, but obviously we'll continue to investigate.

SKYLER HENRY: The scene unfolded while Congress was on recess. President Biden had left for Camp David and the White House Press Secretary was in the middle of a press conference.

JEN PSAKI: I'm obviously not aware, as Kelly acknowledged, of the situation at the Capitol. The president of the United States always travels with a national security rep.

SKYLER HENRY: The incident comes three months after a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol as Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden's presidential win. Law enforcement took down fencing around the outermost perimeter around the Capitol complex about a week ago. Cars, unless they were cleared by authorities, couldn't even get close to the buildings. Also last week, several lawmakers from both parties pushed for a bill that would remove permanent fencing around the Capitol.

So it certainly makes you wonder whether law enforcement will reassess whether they will reposition where law enforcement and, for that matter, National Guard members will be placed in and around the Capitol building. At this hour, we know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for flags around the building, or around the area, to be drawn to half staff. But Elliot, Lauren, it certainly breaks your heart thinking about what's happened here over the last 90 days, losing four police officers here at the Capitol Police.

LAUREN PASTRANA: Heartbreaking indeed. Skyler Henry, thanks for that live report. Look for much more on today's deadly Capitol security incident tonight on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell." that's at 6:30 after CBS4 News at. 6:00.