U.S. Capitol Police help deliver baby near Senate office building

U.S. Capitol Police, via Twitter
·1 min read

A baby girl's first sight was the symbol of American democracy. U.S. Capitol Police Wednesday morning delivered a baby girl when a local woman went into labor right next to the Hart Senate Office Building.

USCP officers and paramedics with the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department helped the mother deliver her baby girl in the front passenger seat of an SUV on Constitution Avenue, , according to tweets by the Capitol Police.

Constitution Avenue is a major street in the nation's capital, where several federal departments and museums are located, in addition to the U.S. Capitol and congressional offices.

The Capitol Police Command Center broke into cheers around noon, when the delivery took place, according to a USCP tweet.

"Mom and baby are healthy and we could not be happier for them," USPC tweeted. "Congratulations from the United States Capitol Police!"

The mother has not yet been identified, and USCP did not mention whether the baby has a name yet.

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