U.S. debates new rules to restrict Huawei suppliers -sources

The U.S. government may expand its reach to stop more foreign shipments of products with U.S. technology to China’s Huawei.

That’s according to sources who tell Reuters exclusively - U.S. officials are frustrated that even though the Commerce department in May put Huawei on a trade blacklist - U.S. technology is still reaching them.

The U.S. fears Huawei's equipment could be used by China for spying.

Sources say inter-agency discussions are being held within the Trump administration about possible changes to two key rules that could expand U.S. authority to block even more foreign shipments to the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker.

The rule changes would allow U.S. authorities to regulate sales of non-sensitive items like standard cell phone chips, made abroad with U.S. technology, software, or components to Huawei.

The changes are being considered… even though the Trump administration last week agreed to grant some reprieves on the existing ban and continues to seek a deal to de-escalate a bitter U.S.-China trade war.

Huawei and the Commerce department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.