U.S. Department of Labor: A Miami company owed workers $533,000. The company: Not true

DAVID J. NEAL/dneal@MiamiHerald.com

The head of a Miami demolition company disputed a Friday U.S. Department of Labor news release that claimed the company missed three payrolls and owed $533,778 in back wages after an investigation.

“The [Department of Labor] release is entirely inaccurate,” Oceanside Labor & Demolition president Matthew Carr said in a statement emailed to the Miami Herald.

Labor said its Wage and Hour Division investigators “found the employer failed to make payroll for three pay periods, leaving employees with no wages over several workweeks” and the money went to 325 employees, $1,642.39 per worker.

Carr said Oceanside paid less than $3,000 in back pay after subcontractors didn’t put in hours worked and there was no investigation by the Wage and Hour Division.

“There was an incident where three contractors working for the company had failed to properly submit hours for one pay period to Oceanside,” Carr’s email stated. “Instead of the contractors bringing this issue to the company, they went to the [Department of Labor]. Upon learning of the problem from the DOL, the company immediately paid those contractors.

“The company was never required to pay over $530,000 in back wages. The company will be pursuing a retraction of this false release with the DOL.”

Online state records say Carr registered Oceanside to do business in July 2019. Though Labor and some other online databases put Oceanside in Hallandale Beach, state records had the business operating out of an apartment at Fort Lauderdale’s Commodore Condos before a December move to an industrial park in Northeast Miami-Dade.

The Wage and Hour complaint section of the Department of Labor website contains information on how to file a complaint. Miami’s Wage and Hour Division office can be reached at 305-598-6607.

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