U.S. experiencing dangerous nationwide heatwave

Millions of Americans across the U.S. are facing scorching temperatures that are not just uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous. CBS meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli has more.

Video Transcript

- Good evening. So much for spraying. Tonight, millions of Americans are feeling the heat from the West to here in the Midwest and into the Northeast. It was just last weekend, the so-called unofficial start of summer that we were reporting on rain and record cold.

But this weekend, weather isn't just hot, it's dangerous. And the wildfire threat in the West, extreme. CBS News meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joins us now with more. Jeff, good evening

- Good evening, Adriana. Good evening, everybody. So we have widespread and intense sweltering heat all the way up to the Canadian border. About 60 record highs today alone. High temperatures near 100 degrees up towards the Canadian border, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. All because of a heat dome which is right on top of the Great Lakes, the upper Midwest and the Northeast.

We're going to see more record highs toppled during the day on Sunday and on Monday with high temperatures both days in the 90s. As you can see, places like Newark, New Jersey, 94. Washington, 94. Minneapolis up to 96 degrees as we head into Sunday. And in Monday, we're talking about temperatures once again, in the low to mid 90s.

Now across the Gulf Coast, it is rainfall. And a lot of it on top of saturated soil. And that means flash flooding is possible with another four to eight inches of rain on some parts of the Gulf Coast. In the West, they wish they would have any rain at all.

Look at the drought last year. Last year, there was barely any drought but one of the worst fire seasons ever. This year, this is a monumental drought probably the worst in modern history. We are seeing extreme drought all across the West in a drought emergency in California because of our warming climate and a lack of rainfall. Adriana.

- All right, Jeff Berardelli, stay cool. Thank you.