U of M Police Station Protest

A protest took place at the police station on the U of M campus with students standing in solidarity with Daunte Wright, reports Erin Hassanzadeh (1:04). WCCO 4 News - April 17, 2021

Video Transcript


- Protests continue in the wake of the deadly shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. He was shot by a Brooklyn Center police officer last weekend.

And at the University of Minnesota right now, you can see a crowd at the campus police station. Student organizers say they're demanding justice for Wright, and they're also calling for the university's president to end the deployment of UMPD officers to suppress crowds.

We're expecting more protesters to gather at the Brooklyn Center Police Department again tonight. And we've just learned that the Brooklyn Center mayor has issued a city-wide curfew. That goes into effect at 11:00.

All of this comes after about 1,000 people gathered outside the city's police station last night for a sixth straight night. The gathering was mostly peaceful, until the outer fence of the station was breached. Later, law enforcement told protesters to leave and when they didn't, officers used flash-bangs to try to deter the crowd.

126 people were arrested, which is a stark contrast from Thursday night, when no one was arrested.