U.S. manufacturing activity ticks up in November as prices paid goes down: ISM

Yahoo Finance Live's Julie Hyman breaks down the latest ISM report on increased manufacturing activity and prices paid missing estimates.

Video Transcript

- And let's talk about the data we're just getting out here from the Institute for Supply Management on manufacturing. So manufacturing activity according to this index for November ticking up to 61.1 from 60.8 in October. It is very slightly below what analysts had predicted.

Prices paid, going down. This is really interesting. 82.4 was the prices paid index. The prediction there was 85.5. And the prior was 85.7. So that, to me at least, is definitely a surprise. Employment going higher to 53.3 from 52. And new orders ticking up to 61.5 from 59.8.

So unbalanced looks like a relatively strong report in terms of its read on manufacturing. This after, as I just mentioned a few moments ago, we got the market read on manufacturing, the final read for November coming in at 58.3. So interesting stuff there, especially that prices paid going down.

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