The US needs masks to fight coronavirus, but supplies from China fell as demand rose

Dian Zhang, Erin Mansfield, Dinah Voyles Pulver, USA TODAY
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    If anything, this pandemic underscores the importance of manufacturing goods in the U.S., like we used to do.
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    We need to bring back our manufacturing and pharmaceuticals from abroad....
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    China had their own needs at the time, and a huge population. This proves that the US cannot rely on China as a sole supplier, or even a large supplier.

    Made in America <---this is the way.
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    Lots of Middle men ( many many Americans )
    Incredibly Wealthy
    as Demand goes up and up
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    The fact that most of what we buy, including the masks we now need are made in China ia all of our faults. Everyone, democrat, republican and independent has been buying the least expensive we can find. Try to buy an American flag that wasn't made in China, it's very difficult to do. We have traded away quality for lower prices and complain about it every day. We have become nothing but a nation of paper shufflers. We buy from overseas, anybody, anywhere at the lowest price we can find. Our kids can't do anything that requires physical work anymore and god forbid they should be required to think. They don't learn cursive writing anymore either. All they need to do is learn keyboarding and the computer do your thinking for you. Try checking out of a store when the power goes out and someone has to know how to add and subtract. Everything sold in this country is manufactured elsewhere. All these auto, tractor and manufacturers of anything we do manage to assemble here is made of parts from elsewhere. Now we need medical supplies from overseas and we see how dependent we have become on other countries and how expendable we have made ourselves.
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    There is increasing awareness by much of America that it is better to pay a bit more and get excellent quality and support for American workers by getting the manufacturing, etc, back to America.
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    David Nikki
    That’s what happen when you outsource manufacturing jobs to other counties. Now keep on waiting..
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    Even at this moment in time , America is still adding 15% tariff to the face mask which is badly needed by the locals and makes its imports more expensive . Where's the logic here and is compassion for Americans badly needing them . Excessive tariff is just another special way of taxing the buyers .
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    Retool America and stop relying on foreign countries for our essential medical supplies.
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    How do you like globalism now?