U.S. Officials Say First Talks With Iran Were Constructive

The Biden administration cautioned it may take some time. Another meeting is set for Friday.

Video Transcript

- Officials from the US and Iran said that the initial discussions in Vienna have been constructive. The meeting includes leaders from Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain as they try to bring the US back to the 2015 nuclear deal. The Biden Administration cautioned that it may take some time.

NED PRICE: We know these will be tough talks. We know there will be difficult discussions ahead. But again, this is a healthy step forward. It's a healthy step forward because it allows us to move forward with what we see as the only path to achieve what President Biden and, as a candidate, candidate Biden, laid out, and that is a mutual return to compliance.

- Meanwhile, Iran said it wants all US sanctions to be lifted before it will revive the deal.

ABBAS ARAQCHI: Then we would go for full compliance. So we have to make it clear that this is our position, but we are quite serious. I have come here to do business. But I doubt that there is the same seriousness in the other side.

- Officials will stay in Vienna. Another meeting is set for Friday.