U.S. Officials Say There's a Second Snowden Leaking Security Documents

Arit John
U.S. Officials Say There's a Second Snowden Leaking Security Documents

The U.S. government believes it has another Edward Snowden following a new story from The Intercept based on post-Snowden government documents.

Government officials confirmed with CNN that there is another government leaker after The Intercept's Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux story on the Obama administration's databases of known and possible spies was published Tuesday. The report uses documents from the National Counterterrorism Center dated August 2013, which is after Snowden went to Russia. 

Last year Snowden fled the country after it was discovered that he'd leaked classified government documents to journalists Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald. Last month Greenwald tweeted that he suspected there's another leaker:

In an email to Business Insider on Tuesday, Greenwald said he "can't comment on that CNN claim," about a new leaker working with The Intercept. "There are definitely still more stories based on Snowden documents coming," he added. 

Scahill and Devereaux reported that nearly half of the people in the  Terrorist Screening Database have no connection to terrorist organizations, and that the databases (and no fly lists) have been drastically expanded under the Obama administration. The government tried to leak the scoop to the Associated Press to soften the blow of the story. 

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