U.S., Palestinian officials engage publicly for 1st time in 3 years

Last week, the Biden administration announced it was restoring relations with Palestine after the Trump administration slashed financial assistance for Palestinians, effectively shut down their diplomatic mission to the United States, and recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. And on Monday, officials from both sides publicly engaged for the first time in three years when the Palestinian Authority's Minister for Civilian Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh spoke over the phone with Hady Amr, the Biden administration's assistant secretary of state for Israel-Palestine.

It sounds like the call mostly covered the basics involved with re-establishing the relationship, but it appears to have been well-received.

The Biden administration is reportedly looking to take a more even-handed approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and Washington will reportedly seek to both strengthen ties with Palestine and "maintain its steadfast support for Israel" en route to what it hopes will be a peaceful, two-state solution.

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