U.S. regulator sues Amazon over dangerous goods

A U.S. regulator is suing Amazon to force it to recall thousands of goods that it says pose a danger to consumers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the online giant was legally responsible for the products distributed on its platform.

It says some pose a serious risk of injury or death for users.

The products include 24,000 carbon monoxide detectors that failed to go off,

Nearly 400,000 hairdryers that lacked proper protection against shock and electrocution,

And children's sleepwear that could catch fire.

The regulator said Amazon had taken some action over the products, but not enough.

In a statement the firm said it was 'unclear' why the regulator was suing, when it had already offered to expand its recall program, even for products sold by third parties, and taken other steps.

Amazon said it had removed from sale the 'vast majority' of the products in question, and provided full refunds.

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