The U.S. is suing a necklace

Kathryn Krawczyk

Let's be clear here. No one is suing over a necklace.

The U.S. district court in Puerto Rico is literally suing two necklaces, as well as a watch and $612 in cash. A 24 1/2 inch "rope chain necklace," a 27-inch "diamonds tennis necklace," and a "Gucci Grammy Awards special edition" watch are all named as plaintiffs in a suit unveiled Thursday, Reuters' Brad Heath noted.

The whole court filing clears up the story, to an extent. In an FBI agent's unsworn testimony, he describes arresting a man in Puerto Rico on various drug charges. Anthony Gonzalez Miranda, "also known as 'SALAMI,'" was allegedly arrested with these objects "on his person," and the FBI agent determined they were "forfeitable as proceeds of a drug trafficking offense."

Now, the biggest question is who will be cast as the jewelry in the case's HBO miniseries adaptation.

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