U.S. warns China on sending any lethal aid to Russia

STORY: Even though China has not moved toward providing lethal aid to assist Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States has made clear – behind closed doors – that such a move would have serious consequences.

That’s according to White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday, who was interviewed on ABC's 'This Week':

“We have, at this point, not seen them take the step of providing weapons to Russia for purposes of the war in Ukraine. We are watching closely. We know they haven't taken it off the table, and we are sending a clear message, as our European allies, that this would be a real mistake because those weapons would be used to bombard cities and kill civilians, and China should want no part of that.”

The United States and its NATO allies in recent days have been scrambling to dissuade China from such a move, making public comments on their belief that China is considering providing lethal equipment to Russia.

The comments come as protesters across the globe are calling for an end to the war, now in its second year...

And days after U.S. President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, promising new American military aid worth $500 million.

Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, cited reports that drones are among the lethal weapons China has considered sending to Russia.

Russia and China signed a "no limits" partnership last February, before Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Economic links between Russia and China have deepened.

And so far, China has not condemned the conflict.

The West reacted with skepticism to China's proposal on Friday for a Ukraine ceasefire...

ANTONY BLINKEN: "Council members should not be fooled by calls for a temporary or unconditional ceasefire."

Ukraine rejected the proposal unless it involves Russia withdrawing its troops.