UAW expands strikes against GM, Stellantis

STORY: The United Auto Workers union announced on Friday that it will expand its strikes against Detroit automakers General Motors and Chrysler parent Stellantis…

adding 38 parts distribution centers and 5,600 workers... to the more than 12,000 workers already on strike.

“Our standup strike strategy is designed to do one thing, win record contracts after years of record profits."

UAW President Shawn Fain:

“Stellantis and GM in particular are going to need some serious pushing… Both companies are still offering a deficient cost of living allowance that is projected to provide zero increases over the next four years… So today at noon Eastern time all of the parts distribution facilities at General Motors and Stellantis are being called to stand up and strike.”

The latest move by the UAW extends its unprecedented, simultaneous strikes that began with one assembly plant each of the Detroit Three on Sept. 15.

But the union said on Friday that it's made real progress in talks with Ford Motor, with Fain saying the company showed it was "serious about reaching a deal."

Fain has said the Detroit automakers have not shared enough of their profits with workers while enriching executives and investors… as companies like GM have rejected those claims.

The automakers have proposed 20% raises over 4-1/2 years. The union is seeking 40% raises.

The standoff is fueling worries about prolonged industrial action that could disrupt production and ripple through the supply chain, which could dent U.S. economic growth.