Uber Driver On Life Support After Being Shot During Carjacking In Cicero

Joe Schelstraete was shot by the assailants even though he gave everything up during the robbery. CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: We begin this Hour 18 with the search for three people, gunmen who shot and left a young father, an Uber driver, for dead. This was the scene of the violent robbery in the western burbs. It happened at 55th Avenue and West 23rd in Cicero. That's where we find Jermont Terry, live right now. Jermont, this is the exact intersection where another driver was carjacked three weeks ago.

JERMONT TERRY: Yes, Brad. And in the first incident, the Uber driver was pistol-whipped by the robbers. But last night, when the Uber driver pulled up to this intersection, thinking he was picking up a passenger, he was shot in his head. Now, here's a picture of the guy.

Joe Schelstraete was 38 years old. His family tells me he is brain dead and remains on life support, only so his organs can be donated. Schelstraete leaves behind three children who learn today their father died on the job, trying to provide for them. Now, the 38-year-old pulled up, again, to this intersection of 55th Avenue and 23rd Street Monday night in a blue Ford.

But when he got here, Cicero Police say four guys approached him. At least one had a gun. They demanded money and cell-- and his cell phone. Schelstraete handed everything over. Yet before leaving, one of the four crooks shot him in the head, and that fact leaves his family in disbelief.

KIM BOVA: There's many senseless factors of this tragedy, and that's one of them. They didn't have to kill him. He would have given them anything they wanted. But because of the unfortunate evil and wickedness of this world, they took his life.

JERMONT TERRY: Now, Cicero Police arrested a juvenile about two blocks away here on the scene. But tonight, three other individuals involved in this violent, deadly carjacking remain on the run. Tonight at 10:00, hear what the victim's family is saying about the age of the one person already arrested, and find out this was not his first time having a scare while driving for Uber.

We'll have that angle of the story coming up all new at 10:00. For now, reporting live in Cicero, Jermont Terry, CBS 2 News. Brad?

BRAD EDWARDS: Jermont Terry, we will see you at 10 o'clock. We've been reporting on the carjacking crisis in Chicago. Take a look at this, some stats.

295 people were carjacked the first five months of last year. This year, 598-- that's more than double last year. And look at the month-to-month numbers since the first of the year. The spike happened in January, then fell off a bit, and rose again in April and May.