Uber driver shot in Cicero ID'd as father of 3

The Uber driver who was shot during an attempted robbery in Cicero was identified by police as a 38-year-old father of three from northwest Indiana.

Video Transcript

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Rob, Judy, that's right. Investigators tell us this is still a very active and ongoing investigation and couldn't share too many details at this time. We can tell you the father of three was driving for Uber, trying to make some extra money for his family when he was shot in the head here in Cicero. Tonight, this exclusive surveillance video you're about to see from that neighborhood could hold the key to solving this case.

This new surveillance video captures the moments before an Uber driver was shot in the head in Cicero. Cameras rolling around 7:30 Monday night as these men wait for an Uber near 23rd and 55th Avenue. As this blue car pulls up, a fourth man walks out of the gangway. The group, all wearing black hoodies, then surrounds the car.

Here, you can see one man get into the backseat of the Uber. Moments later, neighbors say there was a struggle then someone shot the Uber driver in the head. This witness did not want to be identified on camera.


INTERPRETER: Then one person came out, and the second came out and a third. And they started struggling with the driver. And at that point, a fourth person came out. And then at that point, that's when they shot him in the back of the head.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Police identified the Uber driver as Joseph Schelstraete, the 38-year-old father who lived in Northwest Indiana gunned down while he was Ubering to make some extra cash.

JERRY CHLADA: Hardworking man, he has three young kids and was just out trying to make a dollar.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: His family, grieving.

JERRY CHLADA: They are keeping him alive by machine to harvest his organs.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Investigators say the four suspects who ordered the Uber had plans to rob the driver and steal his car, taking off with a few of his items after the shooting.

JERRY CHLADA: We were able to apprehend one of the subjects a couple blocks away.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Just weeks ago, police say another driver was carjacked, robbed, and assaulted on that same corner. Police sending their condolences to the family.

JERRY CHLADA: You know, he is-- truly is a victim, just in the wrong place at the wrong time, unfortunately. Because by all accounts that we can tell, he's just a hardworking guy.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Right now, Uber does tell us that they are working with the Cicero Police Department to try and track down these offenders, trying to give them all the information on possibly who booked this ride through the app. But one of the issues, as we've seen in Chicago and here in the western suburbs now, is that people can book that without using too much information through the app. So it's something the rideshare company tells us they're working on from a safety perspective. Three people still on the run, including the gunman, according to officials, considered armed and dangerous tonight.