UC Davis Vaccine Clinic Opens To Those 16 And Over

There was strong demand for the vaccine after UC Davis Health said it was vaccinating those 16 and over starting 4/6/21.

Video Transcript

- And now UC Davis is giving vaccines to anybody 16 and up even if you have other insurance.

- CBS 13's Rachel Wolf has more on the demand.

- A shot in the arm when it comes to protecting people against the coronavirus.

- It was great.

- It went pretty smooth. They're very, very organized and very efficient. So it's nice to finally get this thing going.

- Alan Cooperman made his appointment online.

- And it was very simple, very easy, very impressive.

- And so did thousands of others after UC Davis announced it would allow anyone 16 and up to get vaccinated ahead of the state's timeline. Monday, there were just over 900 people. By Tuesday, that number had more than doubled.

- First dose.

- How do you feel?

- I feel wonderful.

- It was a sense of relief for [? Moira ?] [INAUDIBLE] and her husband, who were both ready to travel out of state to see their daughter.

- I've been a nurse for 40 years. So I know what this is all about. So people really need to take it seriously.

- UC Davis says both current patients and non-patients can receive the shot. Within a couple of hours, there was a line out the door. But Cooperman says it took just minutes.

- And they're very organized. And they were-- I asked some questions. They were very reassuring.

- The decision an easy one for him and many others who already get the flu shot.

- I'd rather get the shot and take the risk of side effects than to worry about getting COVID and have to deal with that.

- And we have links to the sign-ups on CBS13.com right now.