UConn mascot Jonathan XIV undergoes veterinary procedure, resting comfortably with handlers

The lovable UConn Husky mascot, Jonathan XIV, underwent a veterinary procedure at Fenton River Veterinary Hospital on Friday and is recovering comfortably with his Alpha Phi Omega handlers and host family, the university shared Friday.

Jonathan XIV will be out of the public eye as he recovers from the undisclosed procedure. UConn ensured his handlers are “showering him with lots of cuddles and extra affection on behalf of everyone in UConn Nation,” as stated in the release.

“Like his beloved predecessor Jonathan XIII, we envision a day in the future when Jonathan XIV will take on the role of UConn mascot emeritus, elder statesdog, and mentor to his eventual successor,” the release read.

Jonathan XIV is 9 years old and was introduced as UConn’s 14th mascot in early 2014. The black and white pup lived with his mascot mentor, the snowy white Jonathan XIII, until the elder husky died at 14 in 2021.

“While he’ll need some quiet time to rest after today’s procedure, we know he’ll be excited to return to his regular mascot duties – and spending time with his girlfriend, K9 Tildy – as soon as he’s back on his feet (that is, his paws),” the release finished.