UFC Fight Night 186: Thiago Moises media day interview

UFC Fight Night 186: Thiago Moises media day interview

Video Transcript

REPORTER 1: Thiago, you've got a couple wins in a row now. You kind of got a little momentum. What-- what clicked, maybe, that was different than your first couple fights that now you're able to rack up these wins?

- I think I just getting-- getting more used to the UFC, the octagon, the media, and I'm getting better every day. Every fight I'm getting better, and I can't wait to show this Saturday.

REPORTER 1: Nice. Were those wins important for you, for, like, your confidence to feel like, yes, I am, you know, the guy that I thought I was, I deserve to be here?

- Yeah, of course I deserve to be here. Before UFC, I beat a lot of tough guys, you know, RFA, LFA, Contender Series. Two veterans now in a row. I want to keep the momentum going. Now I'm going to-- I'm fighting a prospect, and yeah, I can't wait to-- to get this one done also.

REPORTER 1: It's kind of interesting, right? Like you said, you fought two veterans, and then they give you, you know, Hernandez. Was this a fight that you anticipated at all or thought might come to fruition?

- Yeah, after my first win, I asked for this fight because I think it's going to be, like, one of the best fight of the night because we both, like, young, hungry. We want to-- to go to the top, and we have very similar styles, you know. We both are good in every aspect of the fight. So it's going to be a great fight.

REPORTER 1: Yeah, I was going to ask you about his style, you know. He's kind of an intense guy, like, very aggressive, right? I mean, what do you make of his skill set overall?

- He's, like, well-rounded guy, but he starts strong, but then he starts slowing down as the fight goes on. And that's where I'm going to take advantage of.

REPORTER 1: Are you expecting him to maybe talk a little trash to you? Or, you know, sometimes he's a little disrespectful with his opponents.

- I don't care. I don't think it's going to be even close to Bobby Green, you know.

REPORTER 1: I was going to ask you if that kind of gives you the lessons you need. Once you face Bobby Green, nobody else can top that?

- Yeah, like, I was-- when I fought Bobby Green, like, I had my training partners, you know. They were doing this to me, like, in the whole camp. So I was used to-- even during the fight, I wanted to talk back to him, but I said, no, I need to stay composed and stay focused.

REPORTER 1: So you had your opponents, like, you're training partners talking trash to you while they were training?

- No, not-- not-- not for this camp, but yeah.

REPORTER 1: Fair enough. Well, listen, a win here would be another press one, especially if it's a Fight of the Night, but you're in a real deep division. So where do you think you deserve with a win here?

- Yeah, with a win over Alexander Hernandez, I deserve a top 15 opponent, of course, because I had, like, two great wins. Two veterans, Michael Johnson, Bobby Green. Both guys could be, like, easy in top 15 as Alexander Hernandez as well. So I think a victory over him, I earn it. My top 15 spot.

REPORTER 2: Hey, man. What do you think of Alex Hernandez as a-- as a person? Because every one who seems to come against him find him a bit weird. He says weird stuff. What do you think of him?

- Like, I saw a couple interview-- a couple of his interviews, but I don't focus as how he is as a person, you know. I don't even care. I just focus on how he is as -- as an athlete.

REPORTER 2: And speaking of him as an athlete, if you could pick one area that he might cause you problems in, where is that?

- I think he's going to, like, try to-- his start strong, come out, like, the strike, and then try to hold the fight in defense. And that's what I think he's going to do.

REPORTER 2: Do you look at a couple of his fights, like, maybe against Donald Cerrone where he starts really, really aggressively, and if you can survive that, he fades quite quickly. Do you think the same?

- Yeah, I think that's it. You know, like, the fight wasn't going his wa-- -- he was very confident in the beginning of the fight. He started strong, but when the fight doesn't go his way, you know, he doesn't have, like, this confidence anymore.

REPORTER 2: Thanks, man.