UFC's Michael Chandler Can't Live Without These 6 Things

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Chandler constantly watches his diet to make weight for fights. His go-to snack is Kram PB&J. “I’ll bring them to the gym as a post workout snack, or I’ll have one real quick if I’m hungry and pressed for time,” he says.

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Chandler uses a digital notepad for daily journaling. “I [write] love letters to each of my two sons,” he says. “It’s a great way to show them love and also reinforce how much I miss them while I’m gone.”

Ice Barrel

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Chandler has an ice bath every day he’s at home to quell inflammation and toughen his mind. “I love how it keeps you compact and you’re sitting straight up and down, instead of lying down and being spread out,” he says.

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“I’m not a watch guy, but I like to think I’m a Panerai guy,” says Chandler, who has three Panerai tickers and plans to pass two of them down to his sons. “My wife gave me a PAM 441 when I signed with the UFC. I’m holding on to that one.”

On-The-Go Flushable Wet Wipes

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On the road, Chandler swears by these body wipes. “I have a single pack in my back pocket at all times, because if there’s an emergency and it’s time to go when I’m out in public, I gotta have a Dude Wipe.”

Dynamax Medicine Balls

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Chandler’s workout isn’t complete without a medicine-ball exercise like slams or wall balls. “It’s heavy enough to burn me out but also light enough to where I can really toss it.” You can find the fighter’s medicine-ball workouts on his training app, WalkOn Fitness.


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The UFC fan favorite is always monitoring his mental and physical health. Here he shares the six things that keep him on top.