Uganda Olympic team member tests positive for COVID after arriving in Japan

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A Uganda Olympic team member tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan late Saturday, officials said.

Why it matters: Japan's government has faced criticism for vowing to host the Tokyo Games next month as coronavirus cases rise. The Ugandan team is the second to arrive in Japan after the Australian women's softball players, and this is the first COVID-19 infection detected among the Olympic athletes, Al Jazeera notes.

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What's happening: The unidentified athlete tested positive during a screening at Narita airport in Tokyo and was moved to "a government-designated facility," while the eight other Ugandan team members traveled to host city Osaka, NHK TV reports.

  • Opposition lawmaker Renho noted in a tweet translated by AP that "this time nine people arrived" and there was a positive test result.

  • "For the Olympics, 100,000 people will be arriving," she added. "This is no time to be talking about how this will be a moving experience for our children."

Of note: A pandemic-related state of emergency in Tokyo and six other areas was due to end Sunday, despite daily COVID-19 cases still "growing by several hundred," AP reports.

Editor's note: This article has been updated with new details throughout.

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