UK accuses Iran of supplying ammunition to Russia for the first time

On Friday, James Cleverly, the UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, accused Iran of supplying Russia with ammunition used to wage war against Ukraine.

Source: Sky News citing Cleverly

"Iran has provided Russia with a consistent stream of weapons and ammunition which is being used to kill civilians in Ukraine," the UK Foreign Secretary said. This is the first time he has officially accused Tehran of supplying military aid to Moscow.

Cleverly added that in exchange for the aid, Russia is providing Iran with "sophisticated military technology, financial support and advice which the regime could use to threaten our partners in the Middle East and suppress protests".

The UK and its partners have already imposed sanctions on many of those responsible for this deadly arms trade and will continue to hold this desperate alliance to account, the official stressed.


  • Earlier, the UK media gained access to an alleged arms contract that could be the first hard evidence that Iran has sold munitions to Russia for its war in Ukraine.

  • Cleverly's statement came after a satellite image released by the White House on Friday indicated that Iran is providing Russia with materials to build a kamikaze drone manufacturing plant in Tatarstan [a republic within the Russian Federation]. Russia uses these drones to destroy civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

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