UK announces new Russia sanctions ahead of 2-year anniversary of full-scale war

The U.K. announced fresh sanctions against Russia on Feb. 22 ahead of the two-year anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The U.K.'s announcement corresponds with the 13th round of sanctions against Russia that EU ambassadors agreed upon on Feb. 21. It is set to be formally approved on Feb. 24, in a symbolic gesture to commemorate the beginning of Russia's full-scale war.

The package announced by the U.K. targets more than 50 individuals and companies that help support Russia's war machine by providing military equipment and revenue for the Russian state.

"Ukraine has shown that it can and will defend itself. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin mistakenly thought that because Russia’s economy is bigger than Ukraine’s, he would gain a quick victory. But the economies of Ukraine’s friends are 25 times bigger than Russia’s," said U.K. Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

"Our international economic pressure means Russia cannot afford this illegal invasion. Our sanctions are starving Putin of the resources he desperately needs to fund his struggling war."

The sanctions target Russian weapons manufacturing companies, importers and producers of machine tools that can be used to create military components, exporters of Russian natural resources, and Russian diamond companies.

The new sanctions are not limited to Russian companies and individuals, but also include foreign entities that help supply sanctioned materials and bypass existing regulations.

One Turkish company, two Belarusian entities, three China-based companies, and a company registered in Cyprus that helps transport North Korean weapons to Russia are also on the list.

"Together, we will not let up in the face of tyranny. We will continue to support Ukraine as it fights for democracy- for as long as it takes," said Cameron.

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