UK deaths 40% higher than previous estimates: report

New data released by the British government suggests that country's death toll from the coronavirus pandemic could be 40% higher than previously believed, up until April 10.

And it means the new estimate could be 23,000 killed, or higher, making it the second worst hit country in Europe after Italy.

It's because the new data -- released by the Office for National Statistics -- includes deaths in the wider community.

Previously the government's daily toll only included deaths in hospitals, which had drawn some criticism. For example it did not factor in deaths at care homes until recent days.

According to the stats office COVID-19 was mentioned in a third of all death certificates issued in England and Wales in the week to April 19th.

In London, more than half of death certificates issued that week mentioned the disease.

For comparison, as of Monday (April 20) the latest official hospital toll reported about 16,500 killed nationwide.

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