UK Defense Ministry: Russia could deploy faulty 'next-gen' T-14 tanks in Ukraine

According to the daily intelligence report by the UK Defense Ministry, Russia has been working on preparing the new T-14 main battle tanks for its first deployment in the war against Ukraine.

Previously, Russian forces were reluctant to accept the first batch of T-14 tanks allocated to them because vehicles were in very poor condition. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described the production run only as “an experimental-industrial batch” after publicly describing the problems with the engine and thermal imaging system.

It is, therefore, unlikely that any deployed T-14 tanks will be deemed operational as they are unlikely to meet the usual standards for new equipment, the report notes.

Designed in 2014, the T-14 has been much hyped as an "invinsible" next-generation tank superior in armor and firepower to its counterparts.

The tank has been consistently been plagued with production setbacks and technical faults, such as when, in its first appearance at the 2015 Victory Day parade in Moscow, a prototype T-14 tank broke down in the streets.