UK designer creates sunglasses from waste denim with custom assembly tool

In a bid to tackle fast fashion and the problems that come with it designers have been leaning towards upcycling and reusing materials. Jack Spencer from Cornwall, UK has developed a product that fashions discarded denim into sunglasses with the help of a tool he has developed production has never been easier. Footage shows the manufacturing process of how the accessory is produced using the newly developed tool Spencer has spent some time making. Spencer told Newsflare: "I infuse waste denim with resin and press the wet layers together until they dry. "I then handcraft this material - like Micarta - into sunglasses with brass details. "I carry out the whole process in Cornwall, England and it takes two weeks. "I’ve made hundreds of prototypes over nine years to learn how to do it. "I have started a company called 'Mosevic,' which is my middle name and I make different styles of sunglasses in blue or black denim, with polarized or prescription lenses. "I have spent the last few months building a custom assembly tool to accurately assemble the metal parts in place. "It makes my life much easier!"

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