UK established task force to procure artillery shells for Ukraine, NYT reports

Ukrainian military personnel
Ukrainian military personnel

According to the NYT, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Kyiv asked for intermediaries in the United States and other countries to facilitate procurement of Soviet-style weapons, as Ukraine was already buying ammunition wherever it could find it.

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As a result, U.S. brokers looked for factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Romania in search of Soviet shells, while the UK has created a secret task force to arm Ukraine.

According to the report, that group was involved in obtaining Soviet ammunition, but this became more difficult as major suppliers ran out.

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In June 2022, the UK signed an agreement to buy 40,000 artillery shells and rockets made by Pakistani manufacturers. According to the agreement, the UK would pay Romanian broker Romtehnica for the purchase of Pakistani weapons, which will be transferred from Pakistan to the UK – without involving Ukraine.

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But, Romtehnica told the NYT, the deal fell apart after the Pakistani supplier failed to deliver the munitions.

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