UK intelligence reported on role of "Crimea's head" in creation of paramilitary groups in Russia

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UK intelligence has noted an increase in the number of paramilitary groups in the Russian Federation that are not part of the country's armed forces.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence on Twitter, reports European Pravda

Details: According to UK Intelligence, the growth in the number of paramilitary groups accelerated sharply after Russia's invasion of Ukraine and gained special importance in occupied Crimea.

Sergei Aksyonov, the so-called "head of Crimea", played an important role in the creation of several such local units, which often claim to belong to "Cossack traditions".

Aksyonov is likely "keen to burnish his patriotic credentials" by recruiting fighters, but he is likely also concerned about the ability of the Russian regular army to defend the peninsula, the report said.

"The main element of the Russian garrison, the 22nd Army Corps, is currently mostly deployed outside the peninsula and has taken heavy casualties," added the intelligence.

Background: The day before UK intelligence reported that Russia had falsified the data of the automatic identification system in the Black Sea in order to depict the "Z" symbol, which the Kremlin uses to promote its aggressive war.

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