UK MP suggests Typhoons could replace older jets supplied to Ukraine

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Typhoon fighter jet
Typhoon fighter jet

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He clarified that the plan would be to transfer decommissioned Typhoon aircraft, which are no longer used by UK armed forces.

“Would it not be possible to supply those (Typhoons), if not directly to Ukraine, to one of those of partner nations which could release MiG-19, Su-24, or one of the other platforms available around the world,” The Mirror quotes Courts.

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Notably, former UK Defense Minister Mark Francois supported the idea and mentioned that one squadron of Typhoon jets is currently “gathering dust” at a UK air base.

He said the decision could “unlock” the supply of MiGs and F-16s, which Kyiv is particularly eager to receive.

“Rather than having them gathering dust in a hangar, even if it took a while to deliver them, why couldn’t we make a political signal, offer them six of those Typhoons that are sitting in a hangar doing nothing,” Francois added.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Ukraine’s allies to provide the country with modern aircraft, during a meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London on Feb. 8. In response, Sunak announced plans to start training Ukrainian pilots and marines.

Kyiv also made an official request for jet fighters from the Netherlands.

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After concluding his European tour on Feb. 9, Zelenskyy said that “some positive decisions (in regards to fighter jets) were made behind the scenes.”

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