UK and Norway to lead naval coalition to support Ukraine

Flag of Great Britain
Flag of Great Britain

The United Kingdom and Norway have rolled out plans for a robust maritime coalition to bolster Ukraine's support, the UK government announced on its official website.

The primary objective is to provide Ukraine with sustained assistance, training, equipment, and infrastructure, in order to fortify security in the Black Sea.

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Working closely with the Ukrainian Navy and Defense Ministry, the maritime coalition will focus on developing various capabilities. This includes the swift expansion of naval forces in the Black Sea, the ongoing reinforcement of the Ukrainian marine infantry, and the deployment of river patrol boats to safeguard coastal and inland waterways.

The UK will transfer two minehunters from the Royal Navy to the Ukrainian Navy, confirmed UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

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"These minehunters will provide Ukraine with vital capabilities to save lives at sea and open crucial export routes that have been significantly restricted since the onset of Putin's illegal full-scale invasion."

This development signifies "new targeted efforts" by the United Kingdom, Norway, and other allies to fortify Ukraine's maritime capabilities over the long term.

This initiative aims to ensure sustained military support for Ukraine as part of a broader series of "new coalitions" formed among NATO members.

The UK government underscores its unwavering support for Ukraine, citing a commitment of $5.7 billion for military assistance since the initiation of Russia's full-scale invasion, with over 52,000 Ukrainian military personnel trained since Russia's initial invasion of Crimea in 2014.

The coalition was unveiled on December 6 to coincide with the UK's announcement of a new winter humanitarian aid package for Ukraine.

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