UK PM Johnson loses two ministers in grave blow

STORY: In what may be the final blow for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s premiership - two of his top ministers have announced their resignations.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and health minister Sajid Javid posted letters on twitter within minutes of each other on Tuesday.

Both questioning Johnson’s capabilities to run an administration that adheres to standards.

It comes as Johnson deals with fresh controversy surrounding deputy chief whip Chris Pincher.

JOHNSON: “I was aware back in 2019, I was made aware of a specific allegation against Chris Pincher that was resolved."

Pincher stepped down from his post last week amid complaints of sexual misconduct.

The Prime Minister's office initially denied that Johnson knew anything specific about them.

BRITISH CABINET OFFICE MINISTER, MICHAEL ELLIS: "And last week when fresh allegations arose, the Prime Minister did not immediately recall the conversation in late 2019 about this incident. As soon as he was reminded, as soon as he was reminded, the Number 10 press office corrected their public lines."

Johnson survived a confidence vote last month - but 41% of his Conservatives voted to remove him from office.

Sunak and Javid had previously supported Johnson during months of scandal over his administration’s conduct…

…And a damning report into parties at his Downing Street office and residence that broke COVID-19 lockdown rules.

In his post Javid said many lawmakers have lost confidence in Johnson’s ability to govern in the national interest.